WCET Awards

WOW logo 2017WCET Outstanding Work (WOW) Award

The WCET Outstanding Work (WOW) Award recognizes outstanding efforts by member institutions and organizations in applying an innovative, technology-based solution to a challenging educational need.



Richard Jonsen award logo 2017Richard Jonsen Award

The Richard Jonsen Award is given each year to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the e-learning community and WCET during his or her career.



Sally Johnstone award logo 2017Sally M. Johnstone Award

The Sally M. Johnstone Award recognizes a professional who has made an outsized contribution for their 'rank' to the technology-enhanced teaching and learning community with the intention of recognizing thought leadership, excellence in practice, and demonstrated leadership capabilities.


Digital Inclusion Award logo 2017Digital Inclusion Award

The Digital Inclusion Award, sponsored by WCET and GlobalMindED, is a unique recognition of an individual, organization or program having shown significant impact on first generation learner populations with regard to increasing involvement in global digital leadership.


SANsational award logo 2017 SANsational Award

The SANsational Award recognizes outstanding efforts by SAN member institutions and organizations in developing a high-quality, comprehensive solution to a challenging state authorization issue.